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Linux Advanced Training

Chapter 1.  Shell Scripting

Chapter 2.  LAMP(Linux, Apache, Mysql, PHP)

Chapter 3.  Selinux

Chapter 4.  NTP  Server

Chapter 5.  PAM (Pluggable authentication module)

Chater  6.  MySql, Mariadb.

Chapter 7.  Backup  server.

Chapter 8.  Security tools (netstat, nmap, wireshark, tcpdump)

Chapter 9.  Kickstart and PXE  installation

Chapter 10. Mail server  ( Postfix, Zimbra mail server)

Chapter 11. Iscsi Server.

Chapter 12. Linux patching

Chapter 13. LDAP  server.

Chapter 14. Virtualization(KVM,XEN,Vmware,Docker)

Chapter 15. Monitoring  Server (Munin, Sysstat, Zabbix, Mrtg, Cacti, Nagios)

Advanced Linux training covers:

  • Training of above content and each day training video.
  • Above training covers all linux distro in  which production work(RHEL5+6+7,Centos5+6+7,Suse,Ubuntu)
  • Interview questions/answers preparation.
  • Resume preparation.

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