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What is requirement of Ansible?

What is requirement of Ansible?
There are two types of machine in Ansible architecture:-
1. Control Node
2. Manged Node/Client Node/Remote Node

Control Node is the machine which will act as a server and other machine will act as a client.

Requirement of Control Node:-
1. Any Linux distro ( Windows is not supported for the control node)
2. Ansible Package
3. Python version 2.6 or later
4. OpenSSH package

Requirement of Client Node/Remote Node/ Managed node:-
1. Any Unix/Linux distro or any Microsoft windows OS
2. Python version 2.4 or later.
3. OpenSSH package.

***** When we do minimal installation of RHEL/CentOS then we will see python and OpenSSH both are automatically installed. Which means we just need to install Ansible package on control node and we can start using it on any environment immediately.

***** Best thing in Ansible is that it is agentless means  no agent needed like other application to establish connection between server and client.